Confer with Industrial Hygiene for inerpretation of the table above and appropriate protective controls. Obtain current wind chill from the SRNL Atmospheric Technologies Center web page under 'Current Conditions'.

Signs & Symptoms
Burning searing pain in extremities (fingers, toes, ears) Cover area with gloves, hat liners, or ear muffs. Seek medical evaluation
Severe shivering (uncontrollable shivering) Remove to warming hut or warm area. Give warm fluids.
Minor frost bite (frost nip) red skin on tips of ears, nose, or fingers Gradually warm up affected area. Remove to warm area and seek medical attention.
Feeling of excessive fatigue Remove to warm hut. Do not allow to sleep or lie down. Provide warm fluids.
Drowsiness Same as above.
Euphoria (feeling of elation or well being) Remove to warm hut. Judgment impaired--do not allow to be left alone. Seek medical attention.
Club or wooden foot feeling (limbs--loss of feeling or numbness) Same as above.
Frostbite (fingers/toes--numb, bright red) Same as above.
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